Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations Attorney in High Point, NC 

Randy Carroll Attorney at Law provides legal defense services for all traffic violations in North Carolina, including speeding tickets, license suspensions, reckless driving, distracted driving and other traffic violations. We can provide the legal representation you need for ticket reduction or even dismissal. When we represent you at a DMV hearing, we can save you money and help you avoid getting points against your license or insurance rate increases. 

Disputing Traffic Violations 

The state of North Carolina will suspend your driver’s license if you incur too many points within a one to two year period, so it is important to take advantage of your right to dispute traffic violations. 

Whether you are a first-time violator or have traffic tickets piled up in your glove box, attorney Randy Carroll will do his best to lessen your traffic charges and tickets. If you are facing a moving violation charge, call 336-278-1007 today for a free consultation!

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